We would not have had this marathon if not for the fact that our special event marathon has been taken cared of by special events entertainment insurance coverage.  

We are very much aware that around 70% of all runners who run marathons gets sidetracked by “frequent use” injuries like tendonitis. We don’t expect that to happen to you, but it does pay to be ready for the “just in case”. In an event were there are throngs run towards their goal, anything can happen.

Special events insurance is a program that covers over 200 kinds of special events, each lasting 90 days or less. Aside from sporting events, special events insurance also covers parties, business meetings, holiday events, concerts and shows, plays, festivals, and weddings. Fundraising events, exhibitions and conventions, lectures, political events, and religious or spiritual events are also covered.

Like in the previous year, participants in the marathon can take comfort in the fact that the special events coverage their medical expenses in case of injuries. They don’t have to take out anything from their own pocket.

And we’re happy too, because as organizers, we are protected against:

  • General liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Losses due to event cancellation
  • Automobile liability
  • Property Damage

Join us now in this year’s marathon special event. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing an all-out run or taking a walk, you have equal chance of winning up to $10,000. Regardless of whatever year they’re being held, our marathons are fun and they’re easy to join too. Register now to take part in this special event. 

Run Walk Marathon is composed of marathon enthusiasts based in the United States. It is the largest group of its kind. Make new friends and enrich your existing friendships – our marathons are surely worth the sweat.  

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