We take this opportunity to thank one of our friends and sponsors Guaranteed Insurance LTD.

The following is write up from Guaranteed Insurance LTD. about their company.

Guaranteed Insurance is one of the leading seller of health insurance leads in Florida. They have been selling leads for many years and work with many agents across the country.

Guaranteed Insurance Ltd. offers a wide variety of insurance leads. Their selection covers health insurance, long term care, film insurance, medicare supplements, business coverage, liability insurance, life insurance, premium financing, dental insurance and home insurance.

Our list of agents range from all fifty states and includes some very prominent insurance companies. We take care of our agents and forward them the leads while they are still fresh. We take great care not give out the same leads to too many agents so as not to overwhelm the customers.

Any insurance agent is welcome to apply but we only accept professional agents that we know that will be able to do proper follow up on the insurance leads.

In short if you need insurance leads Guaranteed Insurance LTD. is the place, drop us a call today to apply.


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