Winning up to $10,000 in easy! Just join in our annual special event, our run-walk marathon run.  

Yes, you read it right. You only need to run in this special event of ours, which we’ve organized especially for you. Joining our marathon is fun and easy. Register with us now to check the schedule and to be listed as a contestant.  

Run Walk Marathon is an organization of marathon enthusiasts all over the United States, and is the largest so far in terms of membership.  

Find new friends and enrich existing friendships – our annual event is surely worth the sweat.  

Our marathon events are classified into running marathons and heart walk marathons. Please only join the type of marathon you’re doctor is confident about.

Running On A High

There are certainly many benefits of running in marathons. Aside from having fond memories in training and the marathon event itself, you’ve probably heard about the great psychological benefits of achieving a tough goal.

If you’re new to marathons, or are planning on running in marathons, you might want with a nice and easy walk-run routine. Then, if you’ve built up your strength you can graduate to running for a mile. Then you can run your first 5-mile run and graduate to your first road run.  

We have to say though that marathon running or walking is not for everyone. Don’t push yourself too hard. You shouldn’t feel compelled to run – it should be a sport to enjoy.

Of course, a marathon is not in everyone's future. You shouldn't feel like you've failed if your doctor recommends against running one, or if you just don't feel up to it. There are plenty of other sports to enjoy. And then there are also risks inherent in marathons. Such is the risk, around 70 percent of runners get sideline from marathon because of injury. The biggest of these risks is risk to injury. The most common injuries in marathons are those to the knees.

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